Antes de comenzar la prueba de nivel, necesitamos que nos facilites una serie de datos personales que nos permitirán recibir los resultados de la prueba y así ofrecerte una atención personalizada si te decides a venir a conocernos.
Nombre y apellidos
1. Mary is asleep. ___________________ make any noise!
2. Listen! The teacher ____________ to you.
3. What is that? Oh! It’s _______________ dog.
4. That is _____________________ sister.
5. How do the children normally go to school? ________________ .
6. Please send the fax to ___________________ .
7. ___________________ do you go to the gym? Four days a week.
8. __________________ is this? It’s not mine.
9. Michael ____________________ home at 5 o’clock every day.
10. Do the soldiers work at the weekend? No, ______________________ .
11. Paul __________________ start his new job on Tuesday.
12. Do you live in Paris? Yes, _____________________ .
13. What ______________ do after his military service?
14. The blue dress costs €64 and the red one costs €84. The red dress is _______________ the blue one.
15. My brother Peter plays tennis ____________ my brother Sam.
16. The exam ____________ at the correct time.
17. The child _____________ to the party alone last Saturday.
18. A: It’s very cold in here. | B: Don’t worry, I ______________ the heating.
19. _______________ call a doctor for you?
20. When the exam results come out, who _____________ with?
21. The soldiers ________________ stay in the barracks last weekend.
22. Must the soldiers get up at 6 o’clock on Sundays? No, they _______________ .
23. My little brother will be five when he __________________ to France.
24. The twins __________________ swim when they were three years old.
25. The company has worked with us __________________ a long time.
26. We __________________ buy alcohol since we were 16 years old.
27. ___________________________ America?
28. I ______________________ the picture when Roger called.
29. Most people think that __________________ is an interesting hobby.
30. Those are the people __________________ we sent the letters to.
31. The boy’s mother told him ___________________ the disco.
32. A: What can I do for you? | B: The shop assistant asked the man what
33. The man wanted to know if the client objected to __________________.
34. Mary normally has her hair _______________ at the hairdresser’s in town.
35. Before arriving at the flat, Mike and Paula ________________ had supper.
36. Before you got the job in that company ___________________ anywhere else?
37. _____________________ you pay the bank now, they won’t give you another loan.
38. The employees __________________ sign their names in the book before leaving.
39. The building ____________________ finished by next April.
40. The car _______________ in the explosion.
41. A new government _______________ next month.
42. The criminal ________________ to prison for life.
43. If I __________________ a bad timetable, I won’t work.
44. Tom would travel more if he _____________________ a car.
45. The accident wouldn’t have happened if the driver ___________ more careful.
46. When we were children we ___________________ to the beach every summer.
47. When I’m not feeling well, I ___________________ in bed.
48. Monica _______________ because her car keys aren’t here.
49. Those are the men _____________________ wives are in prison.
50. The doctor said that his patient _________________ have an operation on his foot.

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